If you'd just like to try out a simple version of the tool, that doesn't require a login and has a sample graphic loaded you can click here to go use the Fold Creator Demo.
(Note: This demo has some features removed to keep it simple, such as the concept of cropping, and modifying graphics orientations as well as the ability to import other graphics)

Logging In

If you have an account that has been setup for you, you can click here to login. after which you will be automatically taken to the tool.

Quick Video


Once in the tool (the non-demo version), you can use the "Click Here" link to locate your PDF, or if you prefer, you can just drag a PDF into the browser window and it will be imported.


When you import something you will be brought to a modal where you have the ability to crop the graphic. You will be seeing the contents of page 2 of the PDF (Page 1 is considered to be the outside and Page 2 to be the inside). You can create a crop by grabbing the white square in the upper-left and lower-right. When you begin dragging a magnifying glass will appear to to help you align the cross-hairs to the crop marks. Once you have the crop to your liking hit the "Use" button to bring the graphic into the tool.

Orientation Fixes

Back in the tool you will now see your graphic shown. The tool folds much in the same way that you would fold a piece of paper on a flat surface. If you find that the graphic needs to be flipped over or rotated, you can click on "Modify Graphics" in the lower right hand corner and a panel will appear that will allow you to rotate either face, or swap them. The buttons can be used any time, even after folds are made.
(Note: If you are folding something that has a fair amount of white up to the edges, hitting the lightbulb icon in the top right will toggle the background color of the tool to create a contrast with the edges of the document)

Making a Fold

If you hover over the graphic, you will see 9 pink dots appear on the edges and corners. Clicking and dragging any of those will initiate a fold.
(Note: If you need to make a fold that folds away instead of towards you can hold down the shift key while dragging.)

Modifying Existing Folds

Once any folds are made you may use your mouse scroll wheel (or a 2 finger scroll gesture on a track pad) to scrub through the folds. You may also use the numbered circles on the right to animate to a certain step. When you've created a horizontal or vertical fold or as you scrub through the different folds, you will see that a guide line has appeared for that fold. When a guide line is on the screen, you can click and drag it by its handle in order to modify the fold. In addition, you can also use your arrow keys to nudge the fold a pixel at a time, holding down the shift key while doing so will nudge them 10 pixels at a time.


Hitting the "Preview" button will bring you to a modal window that shows you what your final output link will look like. It uses the same scroll gesture to fold and unfold, but you can also just click and it will play through the folds one at a time. Double clickinging the graphic will flip it 180 degrees to show the back. 

Sharing a Link

If the result of the preview is to your liking you can hit the "Share" button, this will bring you to a modal window much like the preview, but it contains a "Publish" button. Clicking the publish button will take a few seconds to upload your document and when finished will show you a link that you can copy to your clipboard and send to your client.


You can go to a page showing all of your previously created projects by clicking here. Hovering your mouse over any of the demos will animate it opening. Clicking the "Link" button will pop open a new window with that link in it, hitting the "Fold Creator" button will take you into the tool with that project open. Making modification and hitting "Create Demo Link" will NOT overwrite the previous link but create a brand new one. Hitting "Delete" will mark the project for deletion, but it will still show in a faded out state you can hit "Undelete". If you come back to this page later, any deleted projects will show up at the bottom under the "Deleted" section. A project will remain in this state for 7 days before it is fully deleted.